About Yorkshire Pasta

The Yorkshire Pasta team: Rosie, Martha, Toby, Kathryn & Beth

We are a small family business

Since we launched in 2020 we have appeared on James Martin, have been raved about by Davina and have won awards – including two Great Taste! 

Our premium British pastas are in over 450 independent shops, appear on some incredible restaurant menus and are being enjoyed at family dinner tables up and down the UK!

Team Yorkshire Pasta


Meet (ME) Kathryn

Hi my names Kathryn, I am the founder of The Yorkshire Pasta Company and a proud mummy of 2! I founded The Yorkshire Pasta Company when I was only 27. I’m so proud to have started the first British Pasta brand and to have done it so sustainably.

I love running the business, it has been a steep learning curve and I’ve learnt so much! I have met so many amazing people and businesses over the last 5 years.

Some of my highlights so far include appearing on James Martin, making the Finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and supplying Harrods. I am always blown away to hear Italians raving about our Yorkshire Pasta and hearing stories of it being sent to Italy to show family!

“One of my favourite things about the products is that we use the bronze dies, so the pasta has an incredible rough surface. When you stir the pasta and sauce together it cuddles and coats it amazingly. I love running The Yorkshire Pasta Company, I’m so proud of our products and our sustainable approach to making pasta.”


Meet Beth

Beth is my sister-in-law, she lives on our family farm with my brother and their 1 year old Hungarian vizsla, Sol (Beth is such a ‘dog mum’). She has worked with us since 2020 and is head of production, manufacturing all of our pasta using our traditional artisan techniques. Beth is my wing woman when we travel for events and markets, and she loves being outdoors, going for walks and spends lots of time with my two boys who love their Aunty Bethy to bits!

Hi my name is Beth and one of my favourite things about the pasta is the way that we slow dry it. So that gives time for the wheat flour to mature and develop so much more flavour than mass-manufactured pasta.”


Meet Martha

Martha has worked with us since the summer of 2023. She is best friends with Beth and is the proud wife of a dairy farmer. Martha also helps out on the farm, She has Ted who will be 3 in Summer and is expecting a new addition very soon. Martha is an amazing cook and host and has such a great sense of humour! She packs our pasta into our paper bags and is fab at keeping everything clean, spick-and-span, and tidy.

Hi I’m Martha and I pack all the pasta into the incredible, recyclable and plastic free bags.”


Meet Rosie

Rosie is a family friend, she’s actually sister-in-law to my best friend Mary. She is 17 and passed her driving test in January, so is enjoying getting out and about with a bit of freedom. She is a ninja in packing and dispatching our orders, and has been a big follower of The Yorkshire Pasta Company (and fam), until she recently joined with us in summer 2023. She lives very locally with her family (She is 1 of 7!) and loves going to see live music with her sister – She has already booked lots of artists to watch this year (we all went to see Example earlier in the year which was great fun). Rosie can’t sit still, she is energetic and enthusiastic, and good fun to work with.

Hi my names Rosie, I help pack the pasta for your orders and I love how the pasta is always made in small batches.”


Meet Toby

Toby is my cousin and is currently studying business at college in Scarborough; he is 17 and is learning to drive. He started working with us Summer 2023 helping us out at food festivals and markets, and then when some big orders came in he helped us out in production. When he started college in September we both thought it would be a brilliant opportunity for him to come for a day once a week. So he could learn more about business, production and food, he’s a great help to the team. He also has a keen interest in rugby, and enjoys learning to cook new recipes with his mum.

“Hi I’m Toby, I’m currently studying business at college and my favourite thing about Yorkshire Pasta is how green we are and our use of solar energy.”