About Yorkshire Pasta

Kathryn and Beth

We are a small family business

Since we launched in 2020 we have appeared on James Martin, have been raved about by Davina and have won awards – including two Great Taste! 

Our premium British pastas are in over 450 independent shops, appear on some incredible restaurant menus and are being enjoyed at family dinner tables up and down the UK!

Team Yorkshire Pasta


Meet (ME) Kathryn

I founded The Yorkshire Pasta Company when I was only 27. I’m so proud to have started the first British Pasta brand and to have done it so sustainably.
I love running the business, it has been a steep learning curve and I’ve learnt so much! I have met so many amazing people and businesses over the last 4 years.
Some of my highlights so far include appearing on James Martin, making the Finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and supplying Harrods. I am always blown away to hear Italians raving about our Yorkshire Pasta and hearing stories of it being sent to Italy to show family!

Fun Facts:

  • I am a farmer’s daughter and Mum of two boys
  • I play field hockey, I’m a left wing and never get too competitive on the pitch…
  • I have always adored a good bolognese, there are pictures of me as a toddler in a high chair covered head to toe! It was also the last evening meal I ate before getting married.
  • I am a massive foodie and love cooking, I have a huge recipe book collection and yet often go ‘off piste’
  • My favourite food of all time is Pasta – obviously!

Meet Beth

Beth is my sister in law and lives on our family farm. She loves making pasta every week. Beth loves pasta so much that she eats it 3 times a week! She loves going to shows and meeting customers and is very proud of how well Yorkshire Pasta is doing.

Fun Facts:

  • Beth is a southerner, but has lived in Yorkshire for over 20 years
  • She loves to walk and is a massive foodie
  • Her favourite pasta to make is No. 04 Tortiglioni
  • Beth is a proud Dog Mum to Sol a beautiful Hungarian vizsla 
  • Beth’s favourite pasta dishes are creamy mushroom or a sausage pasta bake