It’s never been more important to think about environmental impact, and it’s especially important to me as a mum of two little boys. When I started Yorkshire Pasta, I knew I wanted to do my best to be sustainable – but believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

For example, I looked at 40 different types of packaging to find a plastic free solution!

It’s been worth the effort to be sustainable in every way we can – we’re all so proud of how we work, and we’re always looking for new ways to be even more ‘green’.

Kathryn and The Yorkshire Pasta Company Team

Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic free packaging

When I first started choosing the packaging for the pasta, I knew it had to be plastic free and 100% recyclable.
After scouting over 40 different packaging companies I finally found someone who could create my bags!
Our paper bags can be popped in recycling bins or used on an open fire.
The metal eyelets are treated the same as staples in magazines so these can go in the recycling bin too.
Field of wheat

Low carbon footprint

We do so much here at Yorkshire Pasta HQ to keep our carbon footprint low, We have solar panels where energy is collected and utilised for the business.
Our pasta helps you to keeps your food miles low; we’ve even thought of sealing our cardboard boxes with paper tape and the very small amount of food waste we do have is fed to very happy cattle!
Kathryn holding a bag of flour

Localy sourced flour

Our pasta has only two ingredients and we source all of the flour locally. It travels an average of 25 miles from field to mill then straight down the road to Yorkshire Pasta HQ… and luckily for us, Yorkshire flour creates amazing pasta! 
To create our amazingly unique flour we support 169 local farms to provide the utmost quality flour available right on our doorstep! 
Hands holding Yorkshire Pasta

Vegan Friendly

As we only use flour and water to create our pasta, it’s suitable for vegans. 
A plant-based diet is widely recognised as being better for the environment, requiring fewer natural resources and less energy.