Artisan British Pasta, using Local Ingredients

When it comes to pasta, we are as passionate as they get!

After taking a leap of faith to pursue our dreams, we began building our business in the summer of 2019, with an ambition to develop, produce and sell premium quality YORKSHIRE PASTA.

Since then, we have been busy sourcing ingredients, fine-tuning recipes, carrying out market research and have even built a food production unit from scratch!

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Sundried Tomato Tortiglioni with Crispy Garlic and Sage

Sundried Tomato Tortiglioni with Crispy Garlic and Sage By: @rebecca_food_guru This pasta recipe has been created especially for us by: Rebecca Food Guru - MasterChefUK Quarterfinalist and owner of Bells Kitchen - Yorkshire Cooking ExperiencesIngredients  150g...

Garlic Fusilli with Spicy Calabrese Pork Sausage

Garlic Fusilli with Spicy Calabrese Pork SausageBy: @carriecooksbest Fusilli all'aglio con Salsiccia Piccante Calabrese. Enjoy with a huge Italian salad and a glass of red.Ingredients 500g of Fusilli Yorkshire Pasta  Half red onion - finely diced 5 cloves garlic -...

James Martin’s Yorkshire Pasta Ragout

James Martin's Yorkshire Pasta Ragout By: @jamesmartinchef As made on James Martin's Saturday Morning (aired Saturday 16th January 2021), featuring The Yorkshire Pasta Company in the 'Meet the Producer' segment! This is James' Yorkshire spin on a classic meaty pasta...

Homemade Pesto with Yorkshire Pasta

Homemade Pesto with Yorkshire PastaBy: @yorkshirepasta This is a fabulous pesto recipe that I have pinched from a close friend. It is one of the first dishes that we ate in the early days when testing our Yorkshire Pasta concept on friends and it has remained a firm...

Saint John’s Yorkshire Pasta Pudding

Saint John’s Yorkshire Pasta Pudding By: @yorkshire_foodies In Ibiza this dessert is synonymous with the mid-summer celebration of Sant Joan at the end of June. It’s a pasta version of rice pudding and is delicious!! Ingredients  100g Tortiglioni Yorkshire Pasta 2...

Sausage Ragu with Mezze Maniche Rigate Yorkshire Pasta

Sausage Ragu with Mezze Maniche Rigate Yorkshire PastaBy: @cero.theonlinefarmersmarket A tasty budget friendly recipe, this recipe can be tweaked for different diet types and can be doubled up to feed the freezer - see our tips at the bottom.Ingredients 350g Mezze...

Pesto Yorkshire Pasta Salad

 Pesto Yorkshire Pasta SaladBy: @yorkshire_foodies When we received this gifted pasta from @yorkshirepasta we wanted to try it straight away, so enjoyed a pesto pasta salad for lunch using the Tortiglioni pasta. This pasta is amazing! It honestly tastes like it’s been...

Prawn & Fresh Tomato Yorkshire Pasta

Prawn & Fresh Tomato Yorkshire PastaBy: @myplacefortea Can you believe I made this HUGE plate of prawn and fresh tomato pasta, just for me? Well, yeah I hear you say. This was a super simple tea👌🏼using @yorkshirepasta and fresh tomatoes and I threw some prawns in...

Rich, Hearty 5 hour Beef Ragu & Yorkshire Pasta 

Rich, Hearty 5 hour Beef Ragu & Yorkshire Pasta By: @birkbites  Ingredients Yorkshire Pasta Mezze Maniche Rigate Braising Beef Steak 2 tbsp olive oil diced pancetta 1 onion 1 carrot 2 celery stalks 3 cloves of crushed garlic 2tbsp of tomato purée large glass...

Creamy Tarragon Yorkshire Pasta

Creamy Tarragon Yorkshire PastaBy: @yorkshire_foodies This pasta dish is such a hit with our family! It’s soooo delicious, made even more so by the amazing Fusilli pasta gifted from The Yorkshire Pasta Company @yorkshirepasta Hand on heart this pasta is so good! I...

 All natural.

Our products are made using wheat flour and water. Nothing more, nothing less. The natural drying process we use ensures that our products keep well without needing any stabilisers or preservatives.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

 Because we only use wheat flour and water our products can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians.

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Customer reviews

“Finally had a chance to try the pasta and really love it! It went very well with the dish I made and tasted great. The friends we had for dinner also completely agreed.”
David, London

“All safely received thankyou and thankyou for your attention to detail and customer service.
We are converts to your pasta since the appearance on James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen. Absolutely love it. Take Care”

Brenda, Doncaster

“We’ve just had our first meal of Yorkshire pasta which we ate with James Martin’s ragu sauce. The pasta was amazing and all the better for having been grown and made in Yorkshire.  Thank you for your wonderful pasta. We will definitely be buying it again when we’ve eaten up this batch.  Cracking!”

Hilary, Herts

“Me and my wife nikki visited Malton food festival last week. Firstly it was great seeing everyone back at last, we’d really missed it. Second, I’d never heard of the Yorkshire pasta company but am glad I spotted you in Malton. Just had the flat tubes(cant remember the name) but it’s lovely pasta. Homemade bolognaise sauce with it. It didn’t clump together like some pasta can and it was soft and delicious. Thankyou. We both love buying from local companies as well so that’s a bonus. If I see you’re products again I’ll grab a bag because it’s just delicious. Cheers!”

Jason Henderson

“We have been enjoying your pasta for months! It is so good to be able to shop sustainability and not sacrifice taste. My daughter’s friend came over for dinner the other night and loved your pasta – she is Italian and lives in Bologna!”

“Purchased 5 bags of your pasta at the recent Malton food festival, used some for the first time Sunday, really impressed with your product cooked easily with simple instructions, I gave my pasta 6 mins then combined with home made soffrito base and sausage pieces and oven baked with cheese topping. Have been passing word around”