Yorkshire Pasta Gift Hamper

The Yorkshire Pasta Gift Hamper makes the perfect gift for a foodie friend or family member!

It includes:

  • One of each of our 500g premium quality pasta bags
  • A selection of free recipe cards (choose below)
  • Optional gift wrapping (choose below)
  • Optional free handwritten gift card (choose below)
  • Optional Tote Bag (choose below)

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The Yorkshire Pasta Gift Hamper includes our five award-winning pasta shapes: Fusilli, Penne Rigate, Mezze Maniche, Tortiglioni, and Conchiglie Rigate.


Fusilli 'spindles' are like a corkscrew - it is the helterskelter of the pasta world! The swirly design partnered with the texture created from our traditional bronze-drawn method, leads to a champion sauce-holding ability and such a delightful mouthfeel. The shape is a pretty funky creation when you think about it. We love to eat these stirred into a punchy bolognese sauce.

Penne Rigate:

One of the all-time favourites: penne. We make our penne 'rigate', meaning ridged, which helps this little guy hold its shape and soak up sauce. 'Penne' comes from the Italian word for quill and the angled end encourages even more sauce to be scooped up. Safe to say this is one saucy fella. These characteristics mean that this pasta is destined for a baked masterpiece.

Conchiglie Rigate:

Most commonly referred to as 'shells', Conchiglie Rigate cuddle sauces more than any other pasta due to the rigid outer and smooth, deep, cave-like interior. They are excellent with lighter sauces and those with chunky pieces. For our family, these shells are the basis for the most awesome twist  on 'Mac 'n' Cheese'; each pasta piece oozes cheese and those oh so cheeky bacon pieces seem to magically hide in the centres for an exhilarating crispy surprise.


Similar to Rigatoni, but with more pronounced grooves that actually swirl their way around the pasta. Hence their name, which stems from the Latin 'torquere', meaning 'to turn'. Perfect with simple sauces, zesty salads and fish dishes. Big, bold and mighty in appearance, texture and taste.

Mezze Maniche Rigate:

Ridged tubes of pasta almost as wide as they are long, with furrows down the outside. Rumoured to be hard to find and unlikely to be appreciated outside of Rome, this stylish number is making its debut in Yorkshire. They are capable of holding a range of sauces, from substantial and meaty to creamy and velvety.

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg

Wheat flour with vitamins and minerals (calcium carbonate, iron, niacin (B3), thiamin (B1)).

Suitable for Vegans


Nutritional Values

Per 100g as sold.
Typical Values:
Energy 1424kj/340kcal
Fat 1.4g of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 73.9g of which sugars 1.4g
Fibre 3.4g
Protein 13.3g
Salt 0.01g

Shelf Life

24 Months

Allergen Information

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

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We are a small family business and each order is packed by hand, please allow up to 6 working days for your order to be delivered.


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