Mezze Maniche Rigate Carbonara

 By @themancuniancook

 Serves 2.


  • 80g parmesan

  • 1 egg

  • 3 egg yolk

  • 200g Yorkshire pasta Mezze Maniche Rigate

  • 125g pancetta

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

In a bowl, whisk together the grated Parmesan, whole egg, and egg yolks until well combined. Set the mixture aside.

Step 2

In a large pan, cook the diced pancetta over medium heat until it becomes crispy and golden. Once done, remove the pan from the heat and set aside some of the crispy pancetta for garnishing.

Step 3

While the pancetta is cooking, bring a pan of salted water to the boil and cook the pasta until al dente. Reserve a cup of pasta cooking water before draining.

Step 4

Immediately add the cooked pasta to the pan with the crispy pancetta. Toss the pasta with the pancetta fat, coating it evenly.

Step 5

Deglaze the bottom of the pan by adding a splash of the reserved pasta cooking water. Use a wooden spoon to scrape up any flavourful bits stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Step 6

Now, it’s time to add the Parmesan and egg mixture to the pan with the pasta and pancetta.

Step 7

Place the pan on a low heat and stir the pasta constantly until the sauce thickens and coats the pasta. Ensure the heat isn’t too high, this will avoid the sauce turning to scrambled egg.

Step 8

If the sauce becomes too thick or starts to dry out, add a bit more of the reserved pasta water.

Step 9

Once the sauce has reached the right consistency, remove the pan from the heat.

Step 10

Plate up the Carbonara into pasta bowls.

Step 11

Garnish each portion with the reserved crispy pancetta and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese.

Step 12

Serve immediately.